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We don’t always have the same age as our hearing.
Test to see how old your hearing is to see if it matches with your current age!

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What is your current age?

*This test aims to help you identify possible hearing impairment and it encourages you to take the next step to do something about it. This does not substitute a complete audiometric test performed by an audiologist.

It all starts with a FREE hearing check

One in six Australians have a hearing loss. And often they don’t even realise it. So if you’re concerned about your hearing after completing the online hearing test, we offer FREE hearing checks as an important first step to detecting and treating hearing loss.


Personalised solutions

Our one-on-one approach helps provide an individual solution. Your expert Clinician will suggest listening strategies or hearing devices to match your lifestyle. And you can depend on us for support and encouragement every step of the way.


FREE services for Pensioners and Veterans

If you’re an eligible pensioner or veteran, you can access FREE hearing devices and other services from National Hearing Care. This includes funding from the Australian Government Office of Hearing Services.


Specialist services for workplace hearing loss

If you work now, or have worked in a loud environment, National Hearing Care can help with assessment of possible hearing loss and tactics to help prevent further damage. We provide accredited services in conjunction with all workers compensation authorities in Australia.